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An interesting fact about computing, from the archives.

Nimesh Pokhrel

Let me take you back to February, 1944 when Howard Aiken just invented the first digital machine, given the nomenclature of “The IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC)” but universally known as “The Mark I“. After coming home from a hard days’ work Aiken saw a bug creeping in his meal and was quite frightened by its structure so he decided to name all the computer problems as bugs! CRAZY? Well, i think alike. Okay, jokes apart folks.

————————————————————-THE BACKDROP——————————————————————–

Many consider that the commencement of today’s modern computers is the courtesy of Aiken’s intelligence. However let not he be merely accredited for the glory. The team comprised of computing pioneers that included: Clair Lake, Frank Hamilton and Thomas J. Watson with programming virtuosos Richard Milton Block, Robert Campbell, and Grace Hopper.

The Mark I read its instructions from a 24 channel punched…

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