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Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic in Kuching

(古晉30日訊)立陶宛畫家恩納斯為砂州人民獻上他的第3幅壁畫作品“森林中的舢舨”,座落在距離古晉數十公里的婆羅洲高原山腳下的阿娜拉依斯長屋地區牆上。圖為恩納斯畫壁下的“森林中的舢舨”壁畫全景。(照片取自Spago Property面子書。)
(30th in Kuching) Lithuania painter Ennas sand people give him 3rd mural work “sampan in the forest”, Borneo Highlands, Kuching, is located at a distance of dozens of kilometres analayisi Longhouse area in the foothills of the mountain wall. Ennas painted wall under “sampan in the forest” mural panorama. (Photo taken from Spago Property on Facebook. ) (Translated by Bing)



Sunday April 27, 2014 MYT 7:33:25 PM

Ernest Zacharevic completes orang-utan mural in Kuching

Ernest Zacharevic working on his mural in Kuching. - Bernama

Ernest Zacharevic working on his mural in Kuching. – Bernama

KUCHING: Artist Ernest Zacharevic has completed his latest mural at India Street here this Sunday and is considering doing two more murals in Sarawak’s capital city.

In his latest mural, Zacharevic introduced nine orang-utans to Kuching’s historic quarter.

Eight are painted to look…

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