reblog: What my father could never tell me: The Vietnam Interview

A touching article from someone whose father fought in the Vietnam War, and the long term effects of experiencing that…


My father and I have *never* had a good relationship. I’ve spent the better part of a lifetime trying to figure out why he was the way he was—impatient, temperamental, moody, and the tendency to go from 0-360 in seconds—especially when it involved me. Out of myself and two brothers for some reason it was my father and I that could instantly ignite an inferno. Over the years mistakes have been made, a lot of hurt has piled up in dark, dank places. Although in recent years we have begun to heal old wounds, one word has always persisted in the back of my mind: Vietnam. I’ve always wondered whether his behavior and our tendency to spontaneously combust had anything to do with that. This “tough it out, don’t cry, be strong” mentality he instilled in me. This weird way he would startle easily and get agitated over the smallest…

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Trying to live a simple life in a complicated world. I am a Malaysian (of Chinese ancestry) living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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