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The good news first: passport fee reduced.
Bad news is: If you lose your passport from now on, you will HAVE TO make a police report and bring that along to Immigration Department.


Lost your Malaysian Passport? From 1 February 2015, you must lodge a police report and bring the report to the Immigration Department if you wish to apply for another passport.


1. Your Malaysian passport is considered a “high-value” document as it allowed freedom to enter some 163 out of 219 countries without a visa. Thus, international crime syndicates prize it highly.

2. The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index ranks your Malaysian passport at number 9 in 2014 in terms of freedom for its citizens to enter other countries.

3. Missing passports reported:
              2012: 18,037
              2013: 19,579
              2014: 16,789

4. All cases of missing Malaysian passports, whether at home or abroad, must be reported to the nearest police station beginning 1 February 2015.

5. If you have lost your passport, to apply for replacement passports you must present…

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Trying to live a simple life in a complicated world. I am a Malaysian (of Chinese ancestry) living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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