About the blogger

Thanks for dropping by.

This is just a simple sharing of some interesting (hopefully useful)  information.  At times, I would add my own inputs on these.  I firmly believe that humankind should never have to “reinvent the wheel”.

Apart from that, I allow serendipity to work its magic… especially for “news” items.  But be warned, I am not a prolific blogger.  Nevertheless, any messages/comments are most welcome.

Thank you in advance if you click “like” on any articles.

A Malaysian

  1. The statements, views and opinions presented here are those of the author and are not endorsed by anyone.
  2. The author does not warranty or guarantee the correctness of the information provided herein or its fitness for any purpose.
  3. Use of any instructions, guidance or other information within these pages is strictly at your own risk.

2 Responses to About the blogger

  1. Migrant Pen says:

    You have a nice and interesting blog. – https://migrantpen.wordpress.com/bookshelf/

    • Stephen T. says:

      Thanks for visiting.. And, thanks for your kind words too… Cheers!
      (apologies for the delay… as you can see, mine is a rather “quiet” blog, and I am not a prolific writer)

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